Theme Reveal BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

Theme Reveal April 2020

 Hey all!

I am so excited to do this, A2Z challenge. I have just heard this A2Z challenge and was so eager to know all about it and take part in it. And finally have the chance to get myself registered well in time and start this blogging Journey.

My theme for April 2020 BlogchatterA2Z will be

“Parenting Tales with my Celiac Child”

26 days of writing of my ups and downs with my special child to help others deal with the celiac indiviual easily and appropriately. I’ve always felt that it’s incredibly beneficial to connect with others and share experiences. From day one of the test to how to make a child to beat the challenges of his life with his disease, i’ll try to explain every detail of the needs and precautions to take in everyday gluten free living. So this April, I’d like to share my parenting tale with you, with the hope that this can help to prevent the needless suffering caused by celiac disease. As many patients feel alone in their daily struggle to cope with the disease and it influences on nearly every aspect of their lives.  These blog posts will help people to be happy and enjoy with friends and family despite their special needs of food. Taking travel and adventure easy with few tips and tricks from our celiac’s travel stories.

The face of life that I have gone through and the things I have learned for the betterment of my child. I would love to share that with all the parents so that we can make the world better for every celiac.

Hope this April blogchatterA2Z helps people with celiac disease and their loved ones to try the new recipes, make healthy food choices and enjoy the benefits of their healthy food habits.

See you all soon !!

Till then Happy Gluten Free Eating !!

Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

23 thoughts on “Theme Reveal BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

  1. A lot of people I know are going Gluten free, for a wide variety of reasons. It would be interesting to read your post to know more about this diet choice. All the best for your challenge.

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  2. Hi. My daughter is a celiac. Loved your post. Its sometimes difficult with my daughter and her lifestyle. At home, all of us are following her diet. But when we go out, its difficult.

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    1. Hey Jaya. Thanks. Hope these post will help many of the celiac family. Would love to get all your inputs in these posts. Let’s make gluten free eating a plus to all of us. So that’s everyone feels proud of such eating habits!!
      See you soon!!


    1. Hey Sonia. Thanks. Surely these will and i am basically doing these to spread the more awareness and help everyone .. hope these help all the celiac families !!

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  3. Hii jyoti
    Very helpful post daughter is ciliac n we all r following her diet …mrs sonia has shared ur post with me , u r doing a amazing job …i really greatful to u n mrs sonia.

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    1. Hey Vandana. Together we can make the celiac lifestyle more easy for our kids. Keep sharing your views also. Hope the posts help everyone in need!! I have a facebook page too “rozana gluten free ” where many celiac family interact and give their valuable feed back comments and recipes are shared. Do have look at that too .


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