Papa’s Parenting

Dr. Jyoti Arora

It’s not just me who takes care of D’s food requirements, his Papa gives his best too. I am a vegetarian but D’s Papa K, dies for non-vegetarian food. I don’t make non veg at home. Earlier for K, Non-Veg was ordered from outside. But now as D also wants to have non veg, we have to make it home.

So now it’s his Papa’s turn to go to the Kitchen. He gets the chicken, marinates it, and prepares the dish the next day. And I don’t go to the kitchen that time. It’s all on him. The butter chicken prepared is taste full as D savors it a lot. And he enjoys it for at least 2 days with his favorite Naans(Indian bread). Not just him, but my daughter and my niece also relishes that. Every time she come comes, she asks, “K papa apne chicken banaya hai…

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