Happy New Year

1st  January 2012, D was born and that was the Happiest New Year in our life. And after all the ups and down in our life, we wanted to give him a Surprise Birthday present. So we planned his 7th birthday in Prague, the magical city. This time our Bhaiya and Bhabhi joined us. Everything was done , we were just waiting for our visa. All three of us got the visa (my husband, my daughter and me), but D’s visa was on hold. And all the excitement was going down. Just 15 days left, but no information from the visa office. 10 days prior also no clue.. As we were to travel in the peak winters, we had to catch up with the winter shopping and of course GF stuff. But we had no option to wait and keeping the hopes high. And finally after 5 more days we got a call from the agent that the D’s passport has arrived!! In just 5 days we did all our winter shopping and boarded the flight to Prague.

We had booked our Apartment and the host was very helpful. She guided us the places and the malss for shopping. And the gluten free bakery that was near the apartment. There was an Indian supermarket near the apartment. There we got Haldiram’s ready to eat food that mentioned Gluten Free. As the pack mentioned certified Gluten Free and had the food safety mark, we found it safe to use. Prague is famous for its Cathedrals, shopping malls, local markets, old town square, Charles Bridge, and the Dancing Buildings and not to be missed are the new year Dinner Cruise. So we booked our new year and D’s Birthday Dinner on the Cruise. The new year cruise was pretty much expensive but that was the plan  The best was that the GF food was also available on then cruise. So we paid the full amount and were in full mood to enjoy the cruise at night.

All dressed up to the best we arrived at the cruise, beautifully decorated as the queen of river it was all set to sail.  And there was a long queue waiting to be on the prettiest night angel. And when it was our turn, as we entered with all our excitement, the manager said that they had no booking in our names. We all were shocked. We showed him the receipt, but he said the names are not in the list. We ran to the office and the person sitting there said “I’m SORRY”. There must be a technical issue. He said that he only made the booking but now its not showing, the company will return the money and we cannot board the cruise. discussing, talking, calling the mangers, nothing worked.. Disheartened, we all left.

Again we started looking for options, every place was a place to celebrate but we wanted GF ones as we wanted D to enjoy the most of it. And as it was New Year’s Eve, so all the places were already occupied.  After much efforts we got a table in InterContinental Prague. There was best of live music with a swing band. The theme was black and silver and it looked amazing, the kids were enjoying with balloons everywhere and they gave us the party props including that glittery hat. We enjoyed the delicious dinner with amazing taste. The chef understood the allergy and D enjoyed his meal too. Gf cake was not available but he enjoyed a GF pastry for his birthday!!! At 12, there were fireworks all around. We wished him his birthday under the blanket of colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky. The whole of Prague sounded like a war zone. The fireworks were launched everywhere. The whole city was lit up with spectacular fireworks all round.  After grabbing our dinner we headed up near the Charles Bridge to witness some more of the fireworks exploding above us.

Thus not as expected but more of fun and family D enjoyed his 7th Year birthday in Prague, the magical city!!!

This is my alphabet Y for “Happy New Year”, in #BlogchatterA2Z #AprilA2Z in Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child. Do share your experiences as it’s always incredibly beneficial to connect with others who share similar experiences.


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Wow, birthday in the magical Prague, superb! Loved D’s birthday trip and the journey details… I wish you could join the dinner cruise..maybe next time.
    Awesome post.

    Liked by 1 person

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