Trip with school

It sounded scary!! When D said that he wants to go for a day trip with school. It was a trip to Kidzania. And he was very excited, but our family was in tension. From morning 7.00 till 5.00 in the evening. How will he manage?  We have already been to Kidzania so knew much about it but he wanted to enjoy with his friends there. When we went there, they had very strict rules and do not allow any food inside their premises. After requesting and informing telling them about the allergy they allowed us to carry our Gf Lunch box with us.

But with school it seemed difficult as they have many kids to handle. So the first step was to talk to the class teacher. She knew all the fact about D’s diet, so she herself gave me a call. She told me that every kid in the school is thrilled to go to Kidzania. And everyone want D to go with them. She asked me all the process that needs to be done so that the kid can go there with all his dietary precautions. I told her that the security there doesn’t allow any food item inside.  And she need to talk to the in charge there prior to the visit. The class teacher had a word with the Principal and then they discussed with the concerned person there. And after two days the class teacher revealed that things are sorted and they will allow only one child’s food inside. It was much relief. Thanks to the class teacher that she took all the pain and helped us.  And then finally we paid the trip charges.

The class teacher also disclosed us the food they will provide to the kids during the trip. It was a bread sandwich, rajma rice for afternoon with a tetra pack juice and an ice cream. As D doesn’t like his GF bread sandwich so I made his bread pizza and pasta for his breakfast.  He enjoyed his GF chips and juice on the way. I gave him Rajma chawal in an electric lunch box, which can be plugged-in and the food will be warm in minutes. I asked the teacher to get him his Magnum ice-cream, while rest of the kids were given an ice-cream cup. The teacher kept on updating us on the trip with lovely pictures of the kids enjoying their trip. And D was in full swing rejoicing with his friends. On their way back, all the kids were so tired that everyone slept in the bus only and  came back safely with beautiful memories.

All thanks to the wonderful teacher who supported us all the way to help D enjoy the school trip with his friends. There is always a way, we just need to find it!! With few precautions and support from everyone around our special kids can enjoy everything out in the world!!!  

This is my alphabet T for :Trip with School”, in #BlogchatterA2Z #AprilA2Z in Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child. Do share your experiences as it’s always incredibly beneficial to connect with others who share similar experiences.


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