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January 2020, I started this blog Heartspeaksbyjd. I had a facebook page in the name of heartspeaks, where I used to pour in my feelings in the form of poetry. But when I found a connect with Manas Mukul and Rashi Roy, I had much confidence to start this blog. After my participation in the blog hop hosted by these two wonderful people, I was all boosted up to participate in the #blogchatterA2Z.

My theme for the Blogchatter A2Z was “Parenting Tales with A Celiac Child.” It just kicked off and I was happily engaged in writing all the post and getting all the valuable comments and likes. And finally it came to the completion of my A2Z series. My kids were a great motivation as everyday they used to come and ask so Mom what letter are you writing today!! and the thoughts of all my fellow bloggers helped me sail through this wonderful Journey. A Heartfelt thanks to #blogchatterA2Z and all the Fellow bloggers !!

Arushi , Anagha, Deepika, Jyoti, Jayanthi, Madhu, Noor, Poorvi, Sonia, Kikibee, Swarnali, Sandeep, Sitharaman , Purba, Gurjeet, Monika

And now its time for a New Begining. time to ride the road from a blogger to Author. Again an opportunity by blogchatter to publish an eBook with #blogchatterEBookcarnival. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Thankyou #Blogchatter !!


Published by Dr. Jyoti Arora

A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

3 thoughts on “Reflections!!

  1. Thankyou dear for the mention! It has been an awesome journey through both the blog challenges with you. I loved your posts in the series. Looking forward to read your eBook. Best wishes!

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  2. Successfully Completing and surviving the A to Z is no small feat. Great work Jyoti ji. All the very best. Humbled by the mention. Just trying to help as many people as I can from the community in my limited capacity.
    Just keep doing the amazing work.

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