Book Review: Raising Capable Children

I express my gratitude to the #blogchatter for considering me to review the book, Raising Capable Children by SakshiVarma. Sakshi is a full-time development finance professional, wife to a design entrepreneur and mom to three lovely boys. Between her work, travel and managing 3 boys, she loves to take time out for her newfound passion for blogging. She blogs at MOM AAA+ with a positive outlook.

Parenting has no obvious rules or techniques. It’s just the way parents feed their youngsters. In this world full of material abundance and multi-tasking, where children are getting exposed to more and more external influences, we parents want happy, disciplined, confident kids. How to accomplish this Fed? Here lies the answer.


Raising capable children by Sakshi Varma, is a ready reckoner for parents who want to raise confident kids with right values, good attitudes and skills. The cover of the Book steals the eye and would surely demand your attention. It appropriately shows the winner and the happy kids, which is what the real essence of the book is. The Book is divided into 3 categories: values, attitudes and skills with a total of 23 chapter along with a few authors caveats (a must read).


  • Title of every chapter gives an insight into the contents and includes the tips to cultivate right values, good attitude and skills into child.
  • The author gives her best tips for understanding the kid and persevering them to excellence.
  • The Book gives a lot of insight into parenting and approaches to child rearing that will foster honesty, responsibility, knowledge, communication skills, versatility etc. into your toddler.
  • These strategies will help in your child’s mental and emotional development.
  • The book mainly focuses of a few core tips for understanding your child, celebrating uniqueness, positivity in life, enjoying the simple things in life, spending time with kids and most importantly how to offer gratitude to whatever you have in life and be satisfied.
  • These will help your child to foster the inner strength of empathy and successfully deal with the obstacles of life ahead.


Sakshi herself writes that the Book could be a little preachy as it is less of a book and more of detailed easy to implement tips to follow in a daily routine. Author goes into the same topic every next page and it thus feels a much overstretched. There are no pictures as being a toolbelt, but some pictures could have been added to enhance the reading experience. There a few formatting issues which I am sure Sakshi will take care before forwarding it.

Top quotes from the Book:

“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”

“If you just communicate you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.”

“Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain”

“A penny saved is a penny earned”

Concluding Remarks:

The book Raising Capable Kids is a great debut effort by Sakshi and I would like to congratulate her for this promising start. It is enlightening for all the parents to help them understand their kids in order to raise the independent, confident, grateful, responsible and committed citizens who will be the future leaders of the world. The book is a part of #BlogchatterEbook carnival
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