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Book Review: A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Being a Mommy is the best moment of a women’s life, but it comes with all the responsibilities along with emotional and physical changes. So, how to come up with all this roller coaster of the motherhood? The Book A to Z of Surviving the First Year of Motherhood by Poorvi Khare, has all the tips and tricks to enjoy the first year of motherhood and live with no guilt only love and happiness!!!

Poorvi Khare is a freelance writer and mom blogger. She is an avid reader who got hooked on books when very young and is now following her passion for writing. You can find out more about Poorvi on her blog at Being Mommy & More, where she writes about mom life and parenting. As the cover says, the book walks through the 26 alphabets of surviving the first year of motherhood. While going through the book it felt that I am reliving my early days of motherhood and felt, I should have got this amazing guide at that time. An amazing read!!! 


  • The book has answers to all your baby basics: from breastfeeding, teething, baby sleep, diapers to first moments savers.
  •  Book is really a good friend to help you in reminding that you(a new mom) are not the one to fulfill everyone’s expectation, your baby is needs you.
  • It offers ideas to boost your inner self and inspires you to give yourself some Me-time!!
  • It helps a mom keep her sanity while still being the best to her new born, spouse and family.
  • It’s encourages you to have a community while raising the new born as its important to be updated with the outer world.
  • Mother’s instinct is the bond that binds you with your baby in a unique way.
  • It’s all about keeping your zest high, being happy, no shy in asking for help, love yourself, learn the quickies of motherhood, go for a vacation and be a mom to your little darling not at all a super mom to all in family !!


The book hardly leaves any scope to highlight any cons but I would love to have seen some baby pictures to enhance the reading experience adding some vacation destination or some sanity saver tools images. Some points are repeated a much time, so feels overdosed but overall amazing read. Book cover could have been a little more catchy specially the text font. And a more details about the connecting to the Author, blog site or facebook page, would have been appreciated.

The poetry at the end is the best motivation to the new moms

“…..You will fail, you will succeed,

But Don’t Worry, You amazing Momma, you will thrive…And Survive”

At the bottom:

The book is a perfect outline on how to make your first year of motherhood peaceful and happy. It an illuminating guide to navigate through the early one year of your kid and your motherhood!! So mom what are you waiting for, grab your copy free @blogchatter


My parenting book is also there on enjoying life with my celiac child. You can download it @blogchatter from the link

Cheers to all the Moms!!!


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A daughter a wife a mom a blogger a poet

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