January 2020, I started this blog Heartspeaksbyjd. I had a facebook page in the name of heartspeaks, where I used to pour in my feelings in the form of poetry. But when I found a connect with Manas Mukul and Rashi Roy, I had much confidence to start this blog. After my participation in theContinue reading “Reflections!!”


Gluten Free X’mas Holiday

After months of planning and preparations, finally we were all set for Austria, a cultural highlight of Europe, for our X’mas holiday. Necessities: Air tickets with gluten-free food menu selection on flight, Eurail Pass, Apartment with Kitchenette, One suitcase with all the kitchen utilities, Electric lunch box to make food warm, Prescriptions by Doctor toContinue reading “Gluten Free X’mas Holiday”

What are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is an auto immune disease in which the immune system ends up damaging the lining of the small intestine, which is what causes many of the most common symptoms. The symptoms of celiac disease can vary widely. In many cases but not always, the disorder is marked by gastro-intestinal symptoms: Diarrhoea, Abdominal bloatingContinue reading “What are the Symptoms of Celiac Disease”

Villi: The Victim

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease characterized by an allergic reaction to a particular protein, gluten. For those who suffer from this condition, the consumption of gluten eventually causes damage to the small intestine, the main organ responsible for the absorption of nutrients. This often results in nutritional deficiencies, in addition to many inconveniences andContinue reading “Villi: The Victim”